Thursday, March 29, 2012

Renew – Reinvent – Revitalise Maintaining relevance in a rapidly changing business world

9.30am Registration – tea, coffee and networking on arrival
9.45am Welcome – Kent Aughey, Chairman FBA-SA
9.50am Knowing when the party’s over – and rolling out a NEW party plan
Dr Jill Thomas, Damien Burchell, George Demourtzidis
Two great South Australian family businesses had to completely change their business model – one because technology was rapidly
eroding their traditional market and the other because of the low cost of manufacture overseas. A key member of each business will take
you on their roller coaster ride through the decision-making and change process, the challenges and the outcomes.
11.00 Managing personal dynamics to effect positive change
Dr Darryl Cross, Dr Jill Thomas
It takes courage to change what’s been a successful business model, so how can families overcome the issues that create blocks to
strategic change and incorporate new initiatives? What gets in the way of making the hard calls needed to take the business forward?
Are generational differences a sticking point?
What opportunities does the need for innovation/renewal/regeneration create for younger family members (and staff) to showcase their
importance to the business, establish a niche for themselves and genuinely enhance the relevance of the family business into the future?
How can a family business enjoy the best of both worlds – the wisdom and experience of the incumbent generation + the insights and
tech savvy-ness of the young guns? How do you create an entrepreneurial culture in a business environment potentially charged with
aspirational tension?
12.15 State Conference Lunch
1.30 Keynote Speaker – Roger LaSalle
Embedding an innovative culture in your family business
Roger will take us through his proven process for making innovation a fundamental part of your business operation. Following his
dynamic keynote presentation he’ll put us all to the test through a table activity and provide feedback on the results.
3.15pm Walking the walk in SA
Lowen Partridge, Phil Hoffmann, Stefan Knoll, John MacPhail, Laurie Madigan
South Australia is home to some amazingly innovative family businesses. In this session we’ll find out how two inspirational leaders – Phil
Hoffmann and Stefan Knoll – put it all into practice.
• How do they practise innovation in their family business?
• Is being a family business a PLUS for identifying and capitalising on opportunities?
• How can the Next Generation play a part in maintaining relevance and keeping ahead of the pack?
• Does a public perception of being innovative, entrepreneurial and cutting-edge have $ value in the marketplace?
John MacPhail and Laurie Madigan will comment on some of the business issues for innovators: how to recognise and protect IP and
managing R&D, logistics and consequential growth to ensure long-term business sustainability.
4.00pm Where to from here?
Based on the day’s learning, as individuals, family groups and advisers you will work through your own Renewal, Reinvention and
Revitalisation Diagnostic to create an Action Plan which we hope will become the template to hit the ground running when you return
to your business.
4.30 Close – Kent Aughey, Chairman FBA-SA

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