Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Innovator Recognition Program has now launched in SA

Introduce new ideas and solutions to address productivity, efficiency, sustainability and growth in your organisation through the IRP.

In the late 1980’s a “grass roots” program swept across Australia called Quality Circles. It was incredibly successful and started the whole TQM movement. A new program has now been developed around innovation, which closely mirrors Quality Circles – it is called the Innovator Recognition Program and is all about “building extraordinary enterprises with ordinary people.” It seems to be the right program in the right place at the right time!

The Innovator Recognition Program is an exciting initiative which provides the mechanism to both recognise and to develop your employees' innovation skills as a way of optimising your organisation's innovation system.

The IRP Program is nationally recognised and delivered locally by approved “Innovation Ready RTO’s”. This is a pilot program for 2012.

The IRP Program is straightforward to implement. It recognises innovators at different levels and provides a clear pathway through work-based evidence and training programs.

The IRP is a collaborative initiative between Innovation & Business Skills Australia and the Hargraves Institute and is Nationally Accredited. This program can be overlaid at any level or across any function within an organisation – commercial, government or not-for-profit.

The Hargraves Institute is Australia’s leading Innovation authority. It is a member-based organisation and uses collective wisdom to promote shared knowledge amongst its members.

Polson HR & Training Brokers have been appointed an approved IRP Agent for the Hargraves Institute.

What are the benefits for the organisation?

The IRP program provides organisations with:

· A return on investment;

· A change of culture;

· A means of identifying and rewarding positive contributors to the innovation system;

· Explicit processes which will result in better developed ideas and a greater sense of ownership;

· Motivation for employees to become better innovators through training and development;

· A catalyst for creating a culture capable of on-going innovation;

· A low cost / high participation / low disruption / in-house program;

· Government subsidies are available.

What are the benefits for the employees?

· Recognition for existing innovative activities;

· National accreditation (transferable qualifications);

· Support for continued innovation;

· Training & development opportunities;

· An addition to their curriculum vitae.

For further information

If you are interested in building your enterprise into an extraordinary enterprise through innovation, please call or email Bill Trengove to arrange an appointment regarding your interest and involvement with the IRP Program.

Kind Regards,

Bill Trengove - Polson HR & Training Brokers (SA) Pty Ltd.


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