Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why you need your own email address?

Many people - even those with businesses still have an email address attached to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) - the ISP's love it because they know you will be more loyal to them rather than missing emails. (eg

This is ridiculous - what if your ISP closes down - several have, what if you find a better deal or bundle elsewhere?

Setting up your own email address is pretty simple and does not cost much - if anything!

The simplest solution is to get a free email account with someone you expect to be around a while - you would expect Yahoo, Hotmail or GMail (Google) etc, to be around for a while. The advantage with most of these types of account is that they are easy to access (Webmail) from any computer/phone that has access to the internet - so it you are a mobile person this may increase productivity. These services also have calendar functions that allow you access your calendar as well (or link it to your Outlook calendar).

If you are like me and have to give your email address to people over the phone - consider registering the shortest and simplest domain name just for your email that you can afford. For example - I registered so that I could create my own email addresses that were short and independent of the several websites that I maintain. This costs me $15US per year for the domain registration with a company( that offers free and unlimited email alias and redirect (read: make up your own email address and sends the emails to your other email account) This company do .com names and there are several that do if that is what you want such as ( check the pricing and ensure that you get Email redirect.

If this all sounds too hard - consider paying an IT person for an hour or two to do it for you - never having to change your email address ever again may be well worth it!

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